Purple Reign

By now most of you know about Acai, the Brazilian super fruit, its nutritional content, it’s amazing earthy, chocolatey, dark berry flavor, and  how it is pronounced.  I’ll spare you the lesson, but I will tell you that I have been addicted to Acai for the last 6 years.  Pretty much everyday, I have an Acai bowl with granola and bananas or an Acai smoothie to start my day.  There have been a few brands out there, and I’ve had them all.  I’ve also seen a few of my favorites go out of business including Flavor Brazil, which I cleverly include a little granola packet in the cup.  The ubiquitous choice we have been left with turns out to be the least authentic tasting of them all.  And while Sambazon should be commended for having USDA organic certification and having implemented fair trade certification, their growth has left us with little to no choice for Acai sorbet/pulp.   I used to have gallons of Acai pulp overnighted from UniversalTaste, which had superior taste and texture, but that too has been unavailable for a while now.

I really do encourage you Acai fans to search for alternatives to Sambazon and support them.  My latest find has been Nativo Acai (http://www.pureacaiberryfruitjuice.com/).  What’s so great about them?  They have the only raw (unpasteurized) pulp that I know of and it tastes great!  I get it at the Whole Foods in South Beach, and I bet they can get it at your Whole Foods too if you ask.   Long story short, Acai is good for you and tastes great, find some, have some!  … and now you know what the song Purple Reign on my upcoming album is about! ;-)